From the summery warmth of the African sun,

the cracked hands and feet of a thousand ancestors,

endless hours of prayer and physical labor,

innumerable preeminent sacrifices,

patience surmounting prolonged droughts,

from deeply rooted guidance like planted millet in alluvial soil,

and invigorating bravery from lions to hunt dangerous prey…

she was born.

Listen, my skin glistens like a light ray falling on a brilliant cut-diamond

because I mirror the light of a thousand ancestors.

Confident I am, but I cannot help but to look away

when an unauthorized being stares into my dark brown eyes of almond.

I allow myself to be seen but only a few see beyond the surface.

Like an onion made up of several layers, I may be peeled but inside I am gold.

See, my intentions are pure, but today I am not everything I’ve been told.

Sweaty hands, palpitating heart, at times, I too doubt my vision.

I fall short when I become steadfast and allow my experiences to allude precision.

But beautiful are my inadequacies. Resilience is my recovery.

I maintain deeply rooted guidance like planted millet in alluvial soil.

May the invigorating bravery passed on from my ancestors never be spoiled.


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Published by La Femme Noire

Grace a la femme noire for sharing personal perspectives about our complex world, travel experiences, and poetry. I, Salyma Grace, combine cultural perspectives from my Senegalese, Ivorian, and American identities to enlighten and learn from my audience. Through my experiences abroad and in the United states, I have come to understand multiple perspectives of our world. Through which lenses do you view the world? Lets embark on this journey, one discussion at a time. Lets stay connected on social media Instagram: Salymagrace/ Twitter: Salymagrace/ Facebook: Salyma Grace Gbamele/ Snapchat: Sallyygrace

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