6 weeks too long.

I’ve heard many times before, “Not all those who wander are lost.” Well, I’ve been proudly wandering the streets of France these past 6 weeks. Traveling has left me speechless and simultaneously turned me into a great story-teller.


My intentions of going to France was to earn university credit from a prestigious business school in La Rochelle called Groupe sup de Co. But never did I imagine I would reconnect with God, nature and most importantly myself on this trip. The first thing I noticed in France was community. Each nationality has a community and set neighborhoods for their people. I found this division beautiful. Moroccans, Pakistanis, and Senegalese people for example each have a sense of community outside of their homeland to depend on, communicate with, and grow with. The different nationalities in France that yearn to succeed each have a common denominator–DIVERSITY.

What I found surprising?

The ability of people to spot out persons from their motherland. One afternoon standing outside of the Musee du L’ouvre, I made eye contact with two African men. The moment they saw me, they flocked to me yelling “SENEGAL, SENEGAL, SENEGAL.” See, if I was being pursued that way in America I would probably run but for some reason I still decided to run… but in their direction. They embraced me and instantly wanted to get acquainted with me. As a woman who comes from two African backgrounds I was moved as to how easily some people can detect unique phenotypes and attributes from different countries.


Everyone’s favorite subject.

not in the physical form, but I was more mentally stimulated these past 6 weeks than I have ever been. Have you ever visited a site so beautiful that you gain chills down your spine and tears begin to swell in your eyes? Well that’s what the Garden of Claude Monet in Giverny, the beaches in Normandy, and the Musee du L’ouvre in Paris did for me. How many of you are aware that mental stimulation can be more arousing than physical stimulation when it comes to sex? So to my future husband… enjoy life’s scenery with me, take me to the pinnacle of your favorite site, and lets wander where the WiFi is weak.


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