Sometimes, I forget.

I forget that my eyes are always honest. The “windows to your soul” some call it and mine are pianist.

The songs they play are pleasurable like warm sand sliding between your toes from a quiet wave.

Sometimes, I forget.

That my smile is the trusty key that fits in your back pocket, like I forget that my beautiful face is the purest shade of chocolate.

I forget that the love that spills from my heart is ever flowing, dripping and dropping like a leaking faucet.

Sometimes, I forget.

That my skin is as smooth as silk.

To be held in my embrace is to be wrapped in an ivory silk blanket and to taste my skin is to devour the sweetest pomegranate.

Sometimes, I forget.

That this too shall pass. No mater how scary a situation may seem it is just a fleeting moment. Life’s a lesson as we are in class.

Sometimes I forget,

That no one is better equipped to tackle my challenges better than I. So I celebrate my losses as they keep my esteem high.

So this post is to remember,

YOU are deserving of kindness. So remember to treat yourself with love and patience as the endearment you give yourself shall remain timeless.

“You have been assigned this mountain to show others it can be moved”

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