Balance check

Every once in a while… or perhaps very often, i find myself overwhelmed with all of the tasks that I have to fulfill. Taking care of patients full time, competing to be the best in my graduate program, blogging, writing, maintaining family ties, making time for my romantic interest, exercising, practicing Islam, checking my emails, feeding my cat… suffice it to say, one of my greatest challenges is not completing these important tasks each day, but finding the time to enjoy leisure activities as well. I often feel like I’m running a never ending race while I’m completing one activity as I’m thinking ahead of my next task. Certainly, to achieve your goals you have to be a little obsessed and highly invested.


Why is balance necessary? Balance gives me back my control. I understand that I am in control of multiple activities and if I balance my time these activities will not control my life.

Does that make SENSE? Balance is how we regain POWER over the activities we are committed to. The way I see balance is the same way I see a thanksgiving plate. On thanksgiving, we pack a variety of different sides onto our plates. Turkey, Collard greens, stuffing, roasted sweet potatoes, potato salad, mmhm… my sister makes the best macaroni and cheese.. extra chessy and— nevermind. The point is, when we have a balanced life, we will most likely eat all of the food on our plate ONE side at a time rather than being overwhelmed by the food all at once.


After I make a schedule for the week. The next morning I may feel overwhelmed by all of the activities I have to complete that day, but by lunch I will have completed something. And soon enough, It will become clear to just.. Breathe. We’ve got this under control.

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