The war on Islam

If you do not know anything about me, understand these 2 things that set my soul on fire.

  1. I am Muslim
  2. I am a human rights advocate

In this moment, It is very hard times for Muslims worldwide. On March 15, 2019, 49 people were killed in a terrorist attack at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand — The country’s worst mass killing since 1943. A suspect charged in the attack was reportedly an anti-Muslim zealot. The deal toll has increased to 50 as there are are several survivors who remain in critical condition.

-In the United states, President Donald J. Trump has openly discussed his anti Muslim Bigotry ideologies. His campaign has advocated for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States and he has made toothless statements in regard to his ignorance of Islam. A few comment are, ” I think Islam hates us– There’s something there, a tremendous hatred”, “they have no respect at all”, and “the children of Muslim American parents, they’re responsible for a growing number of terrorist attacks” to name a few.

-In India, an attack on minority religions, including Islam has encouraged hate speeches and assaults that are forced by the majoritarian anti minority leaders. Muslims are suffering as they are systematically demonized as sexual predators, terrorist and demonic people who slaughter and eat cows, which is held sacred to many Hindus. The majority of hate attacks on Muslims are never publicly condemned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

-In China, Muslims are being forced to renounce Islam, criticize their Islamic beliefs, and recite communist Party propaganda songs for hours each day. Muslims are being forced to eat pork, and drink alcohol, which are forbidden acts in Islam. Muslims that refuse to partake in these acts are forced into internment camps and others are tortured and/or killed. The incarceration of this minority religion in China is not narrated as such to its own population. Chinese authorities are lying to their own population and other nations as they describe these internment camps as, “schools” or “institution hospitals”

My point is there is a widespread social legitimization of anti-Muslim prejudice, hate speech and hate crimes. These times are extremely tough for Muslims.

For my non-Muslims: I encourage you all to understand the core of Islam for your own knowledge and understanding. I encourage you all to spread kindness to your Muslim friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc. as your interact with them on the daily. Respecting human rights is treating people as you would want to be treated yourself. Make sure you treat others with respect and uplift those that are being disrespected.

For my Muslims: Times of difficulty test our faith, our fortitude, and our Imaan. Allah (swt) says, “Do the people think they will not be tested? But we have certainly tested those before them and Allah (swt) will surely make evident those who are truthful and he will certainly make evident the liars [Qu’ran, 29:2-3] Hardships are a blessing of Allah’s love. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said: “Whenever Allah wills good for a person, he subjects him to adversity” We will be tested with good times and bad times. InshaAllah our bad times will teach us lessons in humility. Lessons in humility purify the soul so much that Allah (swt) comforts the believers in the Qu’ran assuring them that any pain they encounter is intended to elevate and honor them.


  1. What happened was surely tragic and shook the whole world..but what happened was more of a “they had it coming” kind of thing, wouldn’t you say so? Radical islam extremists are even more active right now then ever before.


    • No, I “wouldn’t say so” Nearly 50 people were killed by a man in New Zealand who was inspired by white nationalist ideas. The recent killings in the media have occurred in the hands of white men. Why? Because With the dawn of a new millennium, they are fixated on predictions that white people will lose their majority status and become one minority among many. We see proof of this now among anti-immigrant organizations. Furthermore, no one deserves such acts of terror and Muslims certainly didn’t have this coming. If anything, I’d say white nationalism is a global rising threat.


  2. Will not fall for isam lies. Isalm murders rapes an kills anyone who doesn’t obey child marriage an more the religion of dictatorship and death
    slavery or freedom which side are you on


  3. Muslim pride ok
    black pride ok
    Jewish pride ok
    Why is white pride the only one being called racist
    Black history month
    Lgbt gay pride parade is even acceptable yet
    If white people try to show white pride everyone labels the white person racist how interesting


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