Women: the war on pubic hair

Today in society, women succumb to many societal pressures. Society expects women to be well-dressed, meaning women should always looks their best. Women are expected to act “proper” meaning they should have manners, always. Have you ever heard a man burp loudly and no one says a word, however as soon as a woman burps, people say, “Ew” or “act like a lady?” These exact societal pressures attribute to the reason why women find it necessary to groom their pubic hairs.

If you think the U.S is the only country that expects women to rid themselves of their pubic hairs— think again. Women in Portugal and Romania succumb to these exact societal pressures we face in the U.S. There are many ways in which women rid themselves of their pubic hairs. The most common method is with the use of razors. With bikini season approaching, a rise in pubic hair removal is expected to occur.

On the contrary, pubic hair trends have changed wildly from era to era throughout history. Today, there are claims that pubic hair is fashionable again in porn. Also, feminism is enlightening society that a woman’s body is beautiful as is.

But what does science say??

Some Scientists believe that pubic hair is not just for decoration. It serves a purpose beyond decorating our genitals. Pubic hair is a sign of sexual maturity that serves a purpose in trapping unpleasant odors. The removal of pubic hair is associated with an increase for herpes, syphilis, and HPV according to a recent study. Most women who report grooming their pubic hair admit to suffering accidental injuries in the least accommodating of places.

On the other hand, Some scientist say that shaving is a form of physical exfoliation that can positively impact the health of the skin. While pubic hair serves in trapping unpleasant odors, it can also trap bacteria leading to an unpleasant odor. Removing pubic hairs can make cleaning the vagina simpler for some women as they follow up with a proper skin care routine to keep the skin healthy.

IT IS IMPERATIVE TO NOTE THAT: This article is not to shame women who keep their pubic hairs nor women who rid themselves of their pubic hairs. I want women to interrogate the ideas that lead to our choices, then decide which course of action we want to take.

What do I make of all of this?

I like the feeling of a smooth, glistening, clean leg, just like I like the showering shaving ritual. The smell of the topical gels along with the smooth line of the razor through foam followed up with a skin care routine is my idea of a peaceful way to begin some of my mornings. I am aware that to some women, this may sound like the perfect task to ruin a good morning.. and that’s perfectly O.K.

After all, it is our bodies. As long as our personal hygiene is intact, I believe we can make the conscious decision to keep or rid our bush.

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  1. I don’t know about you but I like a little hedge around the vaginal area. Reminds me I’m going down on a mature grown woman within my age group, and not a teenage girl out to set me up for something I didn’t know about. Not to say there’s anything wrong with women who would prefer a streamlined surface, I actually don’t know why anybody would have a problem with the way someone chooses to wear the hair.

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