Why do women like Bad Boys?

Is it true that nice guys finish last?

He’s charming, he treats me nice, hell, he’s even religious, but why is it that the inconsistent guy who barely pays me any attention has my heart? All women have asked themselves this question or have had a friend who has been in this predicament. The truth is,

In the realm of romance, dating, and sex, often times, the “good guy” is often perceived as well-intentioned but ultimately unsuccessful and sometimes even pathetic. Perhaps this stereotype has been perpetuated because “bad boys” usuaully get what they want in the end. Sex. Meanwhile, society deems the guy who doesn’t get laid right away a loser.

Kind of messed up right?

But why do we call sexually promiscuous, or inconsistent men “bad” in the first place? Bad is associated with words like unpleasant and disagreeable. However, many would agrue that “bad boys” can be pleasant people or even agreeable. I beleive it is the insensitivity towards woman’s feelings that have given “bad boys” a negative social stigma.

But the question still remains, what is it about bad boys that women can’t seem to get enough of? Believe it or not, “bad boys” aren’t necessarily all bad. They have many positive traits that most women seek in a man.

Weird right?

To name a few of these qualities;

  • Confidence: When a “bad boy” enters a room, he turns heads. He walks into any social setting and is comfortable in his skin. This ladies and gentleman is what the term “Big D!%k energy” Means. Believe it or not, women can sense insecurities in men too.
  • Determination: The law of attraction is real. These men have the ability to attract whatever they desire into their lives. So if it is you that caught his eye..
  • Lighthearted: Women love a man that can make them smile and a man that knows how to have a good time. Because bad boys do not typically commit, women get a kick out of their ability to navigate through life with ease and no pressure

But ladies, can we have these amazing qualities in a man that treats us like Queens? Of course we can! But first, we must beware of Narcissists – people who show high levels of self-importance, superiority, entitlement, arrogance and a willingness to exploit others.

Remember, life is a blank canvas of possibility; you are in control of who you allow to enter your life.

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