It feels surreal to be here.

Here in this predicament where an airborne disease is immanent.

Death tolls are rising, “stay home” they’re advising.. but for how long? False imprisonment.

But how can I be upset? when this virus is at my doorstep to stay confined and healthy is my best bet.

You can just feel it getting close. Those I once knew have gotten exposed.

We stopped conversing over the years but how can I forget the cheers? The way you uplifted me for being a Queen when we were teens, with a heart that was so clean who could have imaged the unforeseen?

It feels surreal to be here.

I feel guilty because as I’m confined, there are others with much to endear.

Grocery store workers, delivery persons, healthcare workers, and all persons who are on the main line awake each morning and place their lives on the front line. We reap the benefit of their hard work, so their efforts we must underline.

I see the man who awakes at 6 am to work at the grocery store a bit different. He’s up early to ensure others can eat amidst a pandemic how significant!

Too many heroes with no capes, lives at stake, governments making too many mistakes, we assume the worst of a simple headache, don’t wanna link got reasons to flake, the black plague 2020: a remake, plenty hand washing, zero handshakes..

way too many lives lost, my heartaches.

It feels surreal to be here. But it feels even better to here.

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