Dibi à Paris

I glanced at the clock, and it was noon. It was a warm Saturday afternoon in Paris. From outside my window, the cloudless skies were tempting me to come out and bask in the sun however.. Lunch was the only thing on my mind. In my head, I started listing all the possible meals thatContinue reading “Dibi à Paris”


It’s strange, “nothing is so painful to the human mind than a great and sudden change.” The Earth’s axis is slightly tilted in relation to its orbit around the sun. Meaning, whether we are ready or not, change has won. Change is like falling in love with a rosette sunset, yet our attachment will disappointContinue reading “Change”

My date from hell

Most  people who face negative experiences/ trauma, choose not to disclose their experience or they do not speak about it for a very long time. Why?  Negative experiences aren’t necessarily easy to recount. The reasons for this are multi-fold and likely include perceived stigma of being a “victim”, shame, past negative disclosure experiences, and fearsContinue reading “My date from hell”

Does religious compatibility matter in relationships?

I live for warm summer nights. They are filled with memorable times, beautiful weather, and picturesque scenery that embodies the allure of some of God’s finest creations in nature. Reminiscing on a previous summer night, I was running errands with my boyfriend at the time. After a successful night of productivity we got into hisContinue reading “Does religious compatibility matter in relationships?”

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