This Chapter of my life is called growth. I almost gave up on this blog. Not because I fell out of love with writing, but because I am being pulled in multiple directions. I almost gave up on this blog because I have big dreams that require major sacrifices. However, my sister became my alarmContinue reading “Growth”

Balance check

Every once in a while… or perhaps very often, i find myself overwhelmed with all of the tasks that I have to fulfill. Taking care of patients full time, competing to be the best in my graduate program, blogging, writing, maintaining family ties, making time for my romantic interest, exercising, practicing Islam, checking my emails,Continue reading “Balance check”


From the summery warmth of the African sun, the cracked hands and feet of a thousand ancestors, endless hours of prayer and physical labor, innumerable preeminent sacrifices, patience surmounting prolonged droughts, from deeply rooted guidance like planted millet in alluvial soil, and invigorating bravery from lions to hunt dangerous prey… she was born. Listen, my skinContinue reading “She.”

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